Song of the Primordial Bombu

There’s a rather wonderful concept in Shin Buddhism, which I read about in Ratnaguna and Sraddhapa’s book Great Faith, Great Wisdom, called the “Bombu.” Essentially, it’s us – we are foolish beings who in our lack of wisdom might try to do the right thing, but muck it up a lot of the time.

We are bimbling, bumbling Bombus.

On one hand, it’s a sorry state to be in. Nobody likes screwing things up. On the other, according to Shin Buddhism, a major part of the spiritual path is to come to terms with your Bombu Nature. Only once you embrace the fact that you are Bombu can you start to change. So there’s a kind of grace in it. Yes, I slept through my morning meditation… but I’m a Bombu. What can you expect?

In that spirit, I wrote Song of the Primordial Bombu – intended to explore what a world full of Bombus (some trying to break free) sounds like. As well as the soundcloud link, I’m also posting the (mostly) graphic score, to give you an idea of how it’s put together. Hope you enjoy it. It kind of gives me the giggles.